Are Jay Z and Beyonce Getting Divorced?

It’s being RUMORED that Beyonce and Jay Z are headed to a divorce. The reports state that they will wait until after their “On The Run Tour” is over. I’m going to go ahead and say that this isn’t going to happen. Also, a man is getting the Worst Father of the Month award for keeping his twin babies in a hot car while he goes and has sex with a woman behind a building, Kendall Jenner poses topless for Love Magazine, model Lucy Harrold can’t find love, and everyone’s favorite BatKid is getting a movie.

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Selena Gomez Hot Bikini Birthday! - 

Today is Selena Gomez’s 22nd Birthday. Let’s take a couple minutes and honor her. Whether it’s Selena Gomez Bikini Pictures, or Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber pictures, we can all agree that Selena Gomez = Sexy. Also, let’s not forget the Selena Gomez Boob Job rumors. Anyways, Happy Birthday Selena Gomez!

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NYPD Choke and Kill Man In Public & Teen Girl Selfie Gone Wrong - 

A teenager by the name of Breanna has gotten a lot of criticism over her selfie at Auschwitz. Breanna was smiling and was “happy to be there.” Now with all the commotion over her selfie, she has responding with “I’m Famous Y’All!” I think there’s more to this story and it’s taken out of context. Also, a man from New York died after the NYPD put him in a chokehold. The man, Eric Garner, is asthmatic and was being harassed by the police. Witnesses say he was trying to break-up a fight but the NYPD said he was selling untaxed cigarettes and was refusing to cooperate with them. The videos taken are heartbreaking. Also, Viner Rashid Polo captures employees following him because they think he is stealing, J.J. Abrams reveals the new X-Wing from Star Wars Episode VII, a dog apologizes to a baby for making her cry, and a girl has a hilarious reaction after getting her wisdom teeth out.

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crash Video Update - 

Last Thursday, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 went down in eastern Ukraine. What we know right now is that it may have been shot down by a Russian missile. The plane was carrying 298 people and 100 of those people were AIDS researchers on their way to Australia. With tragedy there comes people with poor judgment. A Sky News reporter on the scene of the crash, 
went through a victim’s suitcase, and an idiot prank called MSNBC’s “The Cycle” about his “information.”

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An Ohio college student by the name of Sam Newman decided to post up a picture of herself in her underwear on Instagram. With Sam being a larger woman, she feels that Instagram took her picture down because of it. Here’s the thing, she wants people to feel proud of being obese. Is this fat shaming on Instagram’s part or fat celebrating on Samm’s part? Also, get ready to purchase an iStick, the internet helps out a guy with photoshopping his daughter, creepy guy makes a woman out of his shower head, Ashley Sky poses for Terry Richardson, and the Harlem Shake wedding edition is awesome!

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24-Year-Old Clair Leeson decided to get $30,000 worth of plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. Of all things to spend $30,000 on, it was this? As least it turned out better than the Justin Bieber Plastic Surgery Guy’s procedures did. Also, Farrah Abraham has released her Farrah Abraham Sex Toy! Yes, now even you can feel like you were in the Farrah Abraham Sex Tape. Weirdo.

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How To Remove Bats From Your House! Get ready, it’s terrifying and you’ll be using strong language. Chances are you’ll want to get a professional instead. Trust me.

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My thoughts on POTHEADS and MARIJUANA! Plus other awesome questions you’ve asked me!

Jul 4
#Happy4thOfJuly #Murica

#Happy4thOfJuly #Murica

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Man Gets Stuck In Vagina & Needs Rescued

Can you get stuck in a vagina? Apparently you can.

Also, over the weekend Hope Solo was arrested for allegedly beating up her sister and nephew, Texas Chainsaw Massacre gets 40 Year Old 4K remastering, a fight breaks out in a Greek restaurant, Luke Byran Drunk Guy WWE Remix, and 14-Year-Old is the bravest dude you’ll hear about all month.

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Kendall Jenner Naked On LiveJasmin Webcam Service For $5M??

Could Kendall Jenner being doing a live adult webcam service? A deal from LiveJasmin could net Kendall Jenner $5M for just 3 months. I highly doubt she’ll take it, but seeing Kendall Jenner Naked would bring in so much traffic to that site. 

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Caught Kissing and Making Out Again

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together! Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Kissing and Making Out? Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber In Bed For Real!? Well, according to new reports, the pop duo were spotting making out all over the place this weekend.

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Diagon Alley Preview Pictures and Video From Universal Studios Florida

New Details From Diagon Alley At Universal Studios Orlando! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, or even an amusement park fan, the brand new Diagon Alley expansion at Universal Studios Orlando is sure to blow your mind! It will finally be opening July 8th! Get more details here!

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