Oct 1

Fake Kidnapping “Prank” Gone Wrong Over Drugs - 

Oh Florida! Two guys that were going back to rehab decided to pull a terrible “kidnapping prank” on police. They called the police to report they were being held hostage by a drug dealer. Their kidnapping experiment shortly ended once police found them. Police should’ve called Liam Neeson.

Justin Bieber is in the news again for punching paparazzi in Paris. Who would’ve thought “Justin Bieber Punches Paparazzi” would be a headline? Oh wait, everyone.

Rounding up today’s news, Reddit will be sharing their $50M investment with their users somehow, the brand new Horrible Bosses 2 trailer and Taken 3 trailer has been released, and watch a guy pass out 3 times on a rollercoaster. I’m thinking it’s fake. 

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Oct 1

Oh hai new followers!

I guess I should start using Tumblr more for other things than just posting my videos. Alrighty then. Maybe I’ll do a q&a session here and use your questions on my Q&A show or something. I dunno. Anyways, thanks for following!

Is California’s Sexual Consent Law A Good Or Flawed Idea? - 

California has adopted a sexual assault law that requires colleges students to consent before having sex. With this being a great idea, I have to imagine there are definitely some flaws in this new law.

Amanda Bynes was arrested for a DUI yesterday morning after side swiping a police car. She wasn’t under the influence of alcohol, but under the influence of prescribed Adderall and possibly marijuana. This breaks her streak of great progress.

In the great news of the day, a couple tipped a server $100 for giving terrible service, a young boy gets an Iron Man hand that was 3D printed, and what noise does a caterpillar make?

Your Sam pepper video was made on June about him sucking at vlogging. Had nothing to do with what's been going on lately


Yeah, I found that out from a viewer who let me know in the comments. I appreciate you reaching out and letting me know as well. Stay awesome and have a great day!


Sam Pepper Crying & VeeOneEye Apology To AniaMags -

Sam Pepper Crying In His “Apology Video” is hilarious, awful, and probably fake as well. Over the past week, numerous reports and videos have showed up online of YouTubers having sex with fans. It all started with Sam Pepper, and now the latest person is VeeOneEye releasing a video of him apologizing about an incident with Aniamags when she was 15. As of filming this show, another article states that Alex Day & Tom Milsom have admitted to having sex and manipulating women.

Sam Pepper Fake Hand Ass Pinch Prank: http://bit.ly/1rEZbLX

Sam Pepper Crying In “Apology” Video: http://goo.gl/VerW1r

VeeOneEye Tonight Video: http://bit.ly/1rEZerm

The Real Reveal: http://bit.ly/1uWo2JT

Alex Day Manipulates Women: http://bbc.in/1rEZfLQ

Aniamags Warning To ‘Fans’: http://bit.ly/1rF1Sxb

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Sam Pepper is sorry 🙌

Is this real? Is this an old video? If this is his “apology” then his fake crying is going for the sympathy vote. Whatever. He’s still scum and I stand by that. I can’t believe people are still defending him.

Here’s my response to this fake crying video.

YouTube’s Response to Sam Pepper “Prank” is How We All Should Be Addressing Sexual Harassment


If you’ve yet to stumble upon YouTube creator Sam Pepper’s content, consider yourself lucky.

A prankster by trade with over two million subscribers on his channel, Pepper has recently come under fire for his latest “social experiment” titled “Fake Hand Ass Pink Prank.” In the…

An Open Letter to Sam Pepper


Hi Sam!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. As fellow YouTubers, we have much respect for others who put so much hard work into building their channel. It’s not easy, and you should be proud! That said, we’ve noticed that in your success, there has been a lack of respect in…

Sam Pepper Sexually Harassing Women As A Prank -

I had to upload a video of my thoughts on this. It’s beyond degrading. I hope one of these women report him to the proper authorities.

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Is Sexual Harassment The New “Prank” On YouTube? Apparently.

If you consider this a prank, then you’re a piece of shit just like Sam Pepper is.

I’m posting this to show that “prank videos” are going to far. Sexual harassment and sexual assault is NOT considered a prank. You can just see the awkwardness on these women’s faces. Pay attention to the one that says “I don’t like that!” and yet Sam still laughs.

Everyone should be flagging this video to get it removed ASAP.

Here’s MY REACTION VIDEO to his disgusting video.

Welcome to #CoffeeWithBux! This week I answer your questions because I won’t be here next week! I’m going on vacation for my birthday next week. Send me some birthday love :) See you all back here on Monday the 29th!

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Man Commits Suicide Live On Skype In Front Of Audience - 

A Russian man announced on his social media accounts that he was going to commit suicide live on Skype. Anyone that wanted to see him do it could watch the tragic event. Instead of viewers, except for one, telling him to not kill himself, the viewers taunted him until he did it. Absolute despicable.

A cheating boyfriend got the surprise of his life when he returned from vacation. He walked off his plane to find all 3 of his girlfriends there to confront him. The funny part is, how the hell does this guy have 3 girlfriends?

With the release of iOS 8, I cover things like how can you shut off predictive text, how to hide recent contacts, etc. Also, 7 new iOS 8 Keyboards are available that you might want to try out. Swype and Flesky seem to be the winners.

Finally, watch a tiny hamster beat champion eater Kobayashi in a hot dog eating contest.

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Playboy Model Marries Billionaire For Love Or Money & No One Talks About Fight Church! - 

A German Playboy model by the name of Cathy Schmitz married billionaire Richard Lugner. She is 24 years old, and he is 81 years old. Let the discussion begin: Is it love or love being in the will?

How do I remove the U2 Album from my iPhone? How can I remove albums from iTunes? If you don’t want that free U2 album, I’ve got you covered.

The new Hunger Games: Mockingjay trailer has been released, and it’s officially made me want to watch all the movies now.

How do I make my boobs bigger? Ladies, if you’ve ever wanted to know, it’s easier than you think. And for the guys, you’re guess of just a Wonder Bra was all wrong.

Finally, a church in New York has a “fight club.” Watch two Muay Thai fighters knock each other out with simultaneous nut shots that’ll make your stomach explode.

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Kanye West Wheelchair Performance Singles Out Fans -

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A man from California was arrested for allegedly killing, cooking, and feeding his ex’s dog to her. He left her a note on her porch with two dog paws in an envelope.

Kanye West is under fire for a concert in Sydney, Australia where he singled out a couple audience members for being in wheelchairs. He wanted the entire crowd to stand, but he had his people double check that those couple fans were in fact handicapped.

To round out the weekend news, New York won it’s 3rd Miss America pageant and the winner’s talent was singing and playing with a cup. I’m pretty sure Miss Ohio’s Ventriloquist act was 1000% better.

Facebook has decided to NOT take down a video of a couple idiots lighting a kitten on fire in a bucket.

In tech news, a 512GB SD Card has been released for $800 and Microsoft has purchased Minecraft company Mojang for $2.5B.

 Finally, in viral video news, watch a 3 year old accuse her dad of stealing her money, and thanks to JukinVideoDotCom, watch a kid freak out after her dad shaves his beard.

The Battle of Boobs vs Butts! Which is better?! - 

Today I answer the age old question, do men prefer boobs or butts?

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